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Business Incubator

Background Information

In a rapidly changing global economy, small and medium scale enterprises are increasingly a force for enhancing national economic growth and employment. New structures and strategies are being explored to help business ideas and small enterprises to grow and provide a promising future in the global market.

As part of the University strategy to remain proactive in more competitive local and global economy, business incubation is one of the tools to help create new entrepreneurial skills and new businesses through market oriented programmes.

Business incubator programs, often called “new entrepreneur creation projects” helps develop new entrepreneurs and supports them to start up business and be better able to survive on a longer-term sustainable basis. The business incubator target group includes small entrepreneurs that want to grow, new graduates and those who would like to develop their talent and ideas and commercialize them.

The need for business incubator is one of the outcomes of Maseno University Strategic plan (2011-2017) 9Stratetgic Theme 2; on Research and Innovation through establishment of science, innovation and technoplogy Park.  The specific approach of the business incubator is to increase innovative approaches to entrepreneurial finance, better linkages between the academic community and industry, better and quicker commercialization of innovation including the process for business incubation.

    Committed to be the excellent choice for Business Incubation and Mentorship

To harness Entrepreneurship potential of Maseno University alumni and upgrade business innovations of the local business Community through ICT programme by 2015


  1. Foster the formation and development of start-up businesses to the point of obtaining significant, third-party investment support;
  2. educate participants about the process of new-venture development in order to improve their potential for future entrepreneurial success; and,
  3. Create an entrepreneurial community to give students the experience of

learning through mutual support, a process critical for successful entrepreneurship

4.   Provide business ambiance based on the standard Incubator Model.

5.   Provide Professional and Market based trainings that add value for growth of Business.

Campus Sections


Business Incubator,

Kisumu City Campus College
P.O BOX ,3275 - 40100
Kisumu, Kenya



University Website:


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