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Office of the Director

Dr. Benjamin Ombok
Ag. Director Kisumu Campus

Kisumu Campus offers popular, market-oriented professional and academic programmes at Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Strategically located within the Central Business District of the City of Kisumu, the City Campus College operates within a secure and conducive learning environment. Operating a trimester system, the Campus College attests to Maseno University's commitment to increase access to education by bringing education within the reach of a majority of the target market. The learning sessions take place within the precincts of the towering  ten-storey Varsity Plaza building, during the day, evening and weekends.

The Campus offers academic programmes that speak to the aspirations of Kenya's Vision 2030 in so far as providing high quality education and training that will spur the Country to greater economic growth is concerned. Our most sought-after academic programmes include Bachelor of Business Administration; Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media; Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology; Master of Business Administration; Master of Arts in Economics; Master of Arts in International Relations; Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management; Master of Public Health; Master of Science in Applied Statistics; Master of Science in Environmental Sciences; as well as the Master of Education Programmes.

Overlooking the Varsity Plaza is Kisumu Hotel. The hotel is a viable business venture for the University and a leading player within the hospitality industry in Kenya. Kisumu Hotel also serves as a teaching laboratory for students from the Department of Ecotourism, Hotel and Institutional Management.  Kisumu City Campus College also houses the Maseno University Business Incubator whose mandate includes nurturing business ideas for job creation. The Business Incubator aims to be  a model incubation centre in this region, fostering closer linkage between academia and industry.

The Campus prides itself in having other attendant facilities that ensure the learning environment is not only conducive, but a pleasurable experience. These amenities include computer laboratories, wireless internet connectivity, a library, University Bookshop, and the City Campus Restaurant, which is located on the ground floor of Varsity Plaza. 

The restaurant adds to the vibrancy of the Campus, providing an ambience ideal as a meeting point for students, University staff, and the general public, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.



Campus Sections

Contact Us

Office of the Principal,

Kisumu Campus
P.O BOX ,3275 - 40100
Kisumu, Kenya

Tel: +254 57 2024155
Cell: 0703 591230

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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